State Certified DUI Treatment
& Deferred Prosecution


Outpatient Services:

Both our Level One and Intensive Outpatient Programs meet criteria and comply with the court needs of impaired drivers for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) for both Washington and Oregon.  Everyone seeking this type of care must sign a release of information for HPWC to coordinate with the courts to assure progress on recovery goals.

Deferred Prosecution (Washington State) & Diversion (Oregon State):

Both Deferred Prosecution and Diversion are court-ordered treatment for individuals who want to avoid a DUII on their permanent driving record.  By completing treatment, HPWC provides reports to the court resulting in avoidance of a conviction and the charge is deferred.  Many people avoid a significant negative consequence of driving while impaired by addressing substance use in a structured treatment setting, while also addressing health care problems detrimental to healthy and safe decision-making.